Louisville Drive-in Esports Event Becomes Smashing Success

Wahid Lodin

Louisville, Ky. - September 10, 2020 - Last weekend, USA Drive-Ins, a division of Harena Data, launched its highly-anticipated drive-in esports event, which became an instant success, seeing 15 players competing in a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tournament. The “Esports at the Drive-In” brought an interactive social gaming event, which included a showing of the Mortal Kombat movie followed by a live esports tournament using the drive-in movie format.


Esports at the Drive-In featured the esports clubs of two heavyweight Kentucky colleges, the University of Louisville and University of Kentucky. The traditional sports rivalry between the two schools led to an incredible series of 45 matches between all participants, with one coming out on top. University of Louisville’s Nathan Zabloudil placed first in the tournament and won a video game console as well as Manuel Zayas Verdecial (same school) who placed second.


“Winning the console felt very satisfying, and watching it happen was probably one of the most exciting things to happen to me in any smash tournament,” said Manuel Zayas Verdecial, runner-up of the tournament. “I've certainly never popped off harder, at any rate.”


“The incredible success this venue saw surpassed our expectations and we’re excited to continue expanding our drive-in esports efforts,” said Bill Dever, Chief Strategy Officer of Harena Data. “Our plan for the future is to partner with more university esports clubs and create a nationwide chain of venues for competitive gamers to showcase their skills.

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