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I Am Someone Who Has A Passion For Gaming And Settles To Become Nothing But The Best In What I Do. I Have History In Competitive And Believe I Have What It Takes To Go Pro. I Know With My Skill I Can Help My Team Up And With My IQ I Have The Ability To Win Games. I Also Have A Unique Trait That Makes People Around Me Better. I Also Am Gifted To Adapt To Any Game WIth No Hesitation And Struggle, If By The Chance A Team Would Want Me To Switch Games I Would Do So With No Hesitation And Be Able To Become One Of The Best WIth Little To No Time.

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Flex Player Looking To Go Pro And A Comp Team NA (South)

AR Or SMG / Leader Or Sub Captain

I Feel As If You Put Me On Your Team I Will Be Able To Help The Team Out And Make It Better Than What It Already Was. I Have Skills Involving IQ, Strat Planning, Aim, Decision-Making And Much More. I Feel As I Can Become One Of The Best In This Game And Am Determined To Make That Happen.

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