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Professional Valorant Player Looking For A Team ASAP 

20-30 kills W/ 5-10 deaths.

Looking to make gaming my life career.

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High+/Pro Player Looking To Expand And Join A TEAM NA (East)

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12 Years Of Gaming Experiences from Xbox-Playstation-PC Very fast reflexes which can impact our team in a good way since I can react to enemy players quickly. I am very good an communication which is a BIG DEAL since teammates need a reliable teammate who can and will give call outs. I am very humble and will make everyone on the team happy, do better, and much more. I am available always for the team. I am very focused on the game/the round. I will push my team, even if we are losing, to not give up. I am able to travel to tournaments, and will be on time online or traveling. BIG DEAL HERE - I drop around 20-30 kills per game with 5-10 deaths coming along. I expect to be around 15-20 kills if my team drops around the same. But I will always put in the same effort no matter what the case is. -Vlado Petrovic

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